LOVELO, Love for bike

Found or design your perfect route or travel on bike

Ekibike transform to LOVELO

Ekibike changes its name to Lovelo because it is a completely new version, with new technology, a new database and a lot of news and improvements. Also, having frustrated the dream of living from this, I just want to give, that's why LOVE , give and offer everyone a new version, oriented to cycling and travel, and totally free and without advertising.

What has Lovelo better than Ekibike

Spectacularly and customizable elevations profiles

LOVELO, former Ekibike, offers without a doubt the most accurate profiles of your routes. We prove it to you

Powerful planner

Planner with precise data and information by colors of the route surfaces if you choose the Open Route Service [ORS] option. Sections for road, mtb, hiking or free path. Different route and elevation calculation providers .


And if you need inspiration, explore the map and find routes uploaded by other users or visit our future blog about cycling routes.


Lovelo has a lot of power, but also many options and somewhat hidden functions, so it is normal that you need help to handle it with ease. You can visit the help page or write me a message.