What has Lovelo better than Ekibike

  • Information about the type of road [road, track, trail...] ​​and type of terrain [asphalt, gravel, dirt...] of each route - Only with OpenRouteService provider
  • Different calculation providers (OpenRouteService, MapBox and GoogleMaps), thus removing the dependency on Google and offering providers with many more roads and trails
  • Different Map providers (OpenCycleMap, Google, OpenStreetMap ...)
  • More accurate slope calculations and elevation profiles with new ArcGis provider
  • Up to ten times more points in the route traces, so that the lines fit more closely to the roads and paths
  • More customization of profiles, including icons
  • Possibility not only to load routes, but also to paint them without replacing the current one
  • Possibility of loading a Lovelo or External route and modifying it to create a new route from another one
  • Technically it has a new design and is developed with a new safer and more efficient technology
  • Tag every five kilometers on linestring
  • And many other little details